It’s been true for a while, but now there’s no doubt: everything Sen. Elizabeth Warren does, from changing her Twitter handle to awkwardly opening a beer bottle, has to be seen through the lens of a woman campaigning for president in 2020.

So it says a lot about Democrat policies that Warren pledged on New Year’s Day to donate her salary after learning that more than 7,000 American citizens in Massachusetts would be working for delayed pay because of the limited government shutdown.

What? 7,000 people in her home state are “working without pay,” so she’s donating her salary to a nonprofit that helps refugees? As in, non-U.S. citizens? That’s some serious trickle-up economics right there.

We guess this is her way of sticking it to Trump that he’s never getting his border wall; she’ll fund the refugees first.

Exactly; it might be inconvenient, but no one is “working without pay.”

Because they do. Heck, take a look at Sen. Kamala Harris’s feed to see where her priorities lie regarding American citizens and illegal immigrants.