Sen. Elizabeth Warren kicked off her bid with a video bashing Fox News and later a live stream from her kitchen where she drank a bottle of beer that she opened really awkwardly … almost dangerously.

“I’m gonna get me a beer” is certainly Warren’s “Can I get me a huntin’ license here” courtesy of everyday guy John Kerry. But is pounding down brews going to make Warren more likable? She’s already sent out a fundraising email to counter a piece in Politico suggesting that she might have a Hillary problem.

“In interviews with Politico, advisers and allies project confidence that perceptions of her as cold or aloof will fade once people see her campaign,” it reads.

Warren’s already on top of it.

Yeah, Republicans totally own the media.

“Beard-stroking opinion pieces?”

Warren’s got a lot to learn about campaigning in 2019. You can’t just misgender people and hope to be considered likable.

Uh oh, Politico … “Every woman who’s ever put her name forward for something — and every sensible person who recognizes how smart, powerful women are written about, and the names they’re called — knows what’s going on here.”

Especially Republican women, right?

Politico’s Natasha Korecki is facing a nasty backlash over her clear misogyny:

Hey, blame the Democrats who keep putting Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke well out ahead of Warren in the polls. They had a female candidate and want to retreat back to Biden? That’s the patriarchy for you.

Wow, have we started 2020 already? This year is going to be so tedious.