Someone at U.S. Strategic Command was trying to get into the New Year’s Eve spirit, but the tweet’s since been taken down, but not before someone caught a screenshot:

Hey, U.S. Stratcom, happy new year and thanks for your hard work! And if you were appalled by this tweet but said nothing when Rep. Eric Swalwell reminded those who would resist gun confiscation that the government has “legit” nukes it could use on American citizens, you’re welcome to shut the hell up.

Yes, they wussed out and deleted their tweet.

Kelsey Atherton, who caught the screenshot and who has us blocked for some reason, posted some cool photos too.

And Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs (is that still around?) managed to capture the video:

Nice … we’d rather watch that than whatever atrocity of a New Year’s Eve special they’ve got going on over at CNN.

Eh, we kind of like it when the military reminds us they’re there and they’re proud. They don’t do it often.

And you’ll enjoy the benefits of it tonight, and tomorrow, and the day after that, but you won’t be disturbed by any videos to remind you it’s there.

* * *


Get a load of this guy who thinks he speaks for all of us: