Except for the extraordinarily bad timing (New Year’s Eve?), Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s video announcement that she was forming an exploratory committee for a likely 2020 presidential run shocked exactly no one; she likely would have run in 2016 if it hadn’t been Hillary Clinton’s “turn.”

What was more interesting was Warren fooling over the weekend with her Twitter handle, changing it from @elizabethforma to simply @ewarren, then changing it back and changing it back one more time to settle on @ewarren (last we checked). It certainly looked like a sign that she was ready to go national.

Michael Malice thought there were three possible scenarios at work:

Well, that or …

Good call.

Crazy Uncle Joe and Bernie Sanders are still crushing it in the polls; Democrats can’t get enough of old white men, it seems.

Nah, we’ll still be laughing about her DNA test.

Malice’s thoughts now that she’s announced her exploratory committee?

Watching the Democratic primary debates with all 193 candidates on stage is going to be lit.