We already know that Daniel Craig is stepping away from the James Bond franchise, leaving plenty wondering who should be the next Agent 007 — though from what we’ve seen, the jury has returned and ruled that Idris Elba (“Luther,” “The Wire”) would be a fantastic Bond.

Speaking of “The Wire,” star Dominic West floated the idea of a transgender James Bond in an interview with the U.K. Sunday Times, saying it “would be cool.”

That was all it took to inspire The Daily Beast to reach out to some transgender actors who would be proud to play the role:

[“Transparent” star Ian] Harvie has long daydreamed of playing 007, so getting the chance to don the tuxedo — or to watch one of his peers do it — would be personally meaningful.

“As someone who has been told over and over again through social messaging (and sometimes directly to my face) that I am someone who is not allowed to own my masculinity, that I am not a real man, that only cis white men are allowed to own masculinity, it would feel like a major triumph if I or one of my trans actor friends were to be cast in such a hypermasculine role as Bond,” said Harvie.

“Only cis white men are allowed to own masculinity?” Do people just instinctively insert the word “white men” into every tweet now to ensure there’s a racial component? Elba owns plenty of masculinity, doesn’t he?

Seeing how trans activists essentially killed a trans-positive movie by shaming Scarlett Johansson off of the project, we’re not in the best frame of mind to hear what they demand on screen.

Derek gets a little hypermasculine sometimes.

Like we said, the people have spoken, and they do not want to skip over a black James Bond.