What’s the joke? How do you know someone’s a vegan? Just wait two minutes and they’ll tell you.

You have to be pretty woke to be a vegan, but owing to the wonders of “intersectionality,” there are vegans and then there are white Western vegans who have a lot to answer for.

It all started with this tweet, which seemed pretty woke:

Whoa, buddy, watch what you’re calling “leftover dishwater,” especially when writer Jeff Yang is watching.

Dang, he’s a xenophobic tool for saying that Chinese hotpot looks gross? Tough crowd. But seriously, let’s talk about white people.

Sorry, we never fell in love with tofu — we gave it a shot, but we just weren’t right for each other — but carry on.

It’s nice to be soy king, although if the term had been around at the time, the Obamacare douche in his red flannel pajamas would have been what we now call a “soy boy.”

In case you want to read more about soy:

That was quite a rant over someone saying that a Chinese hotpot looked like dishwater. We’d say it does look a little like dishwater, but we’re not up for the thrashing.

Careful …

And don’t forget to hate them for their white privilege: