As Twitchy recently reported, U.S. Air Forces Europe said Thursday it was perfectly fine that airmen at Ramstein Air Base in Germany brought their MAGA hats to be autographed by the president as he made a surprise Christmas visit (that the media had already reported didn’t happen).

President Trump on Thursday decided to hit CNN with another accusation of fake news:

That doesn’t mean that the New York Times was going to withhold its piece on the way Trump “shattered norms” during his visits to Iraq and Germany.

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are weak on border security. Are we supposed to be upset about that? Apparently so, but we’re really supposed to be skeptical — bordering on paranoid — about the MAGA hats.

Yes, everyone had a hat. Just check the photos … look at all those hats! There must be at least … four!

“On my feed of hats.” Again, he didn’t bring the hats. We knew this yesterday.

Yeah, funny how the Times used that photo and not this one:

This is probably our favorite:

Yes, he was an undercover Russian operative who was given a MAGA hat to hold. This must be investigated.

Reality break: A lot of the troops like Trump. Accept it. What a media clusterf**k.