We’re pretty sure that the Twitchy audience will agree with us that we don’t give a damn what Boston Marathon bomber and Rolling Stone cover pin-up Dzhokar Tsarnaev wants, but Reuters is reporting that Tsarnaev is appealing his death sentence.

Attorney Gabriel Malor reports that Tsarnaev filed a brief arguing that his trial should have been moved out of Boston “because of the local trauma” — for which he and his brother were responsible by setting off pressure cooker bombs filled with shrapnel near the marathon finish line.

Get this bit from his attorneys:

But they argued that wall-to-wall media coverage of the bombings meant that nearly the entire jury pool was exposed to news about the attacks, which included “heart-wrenching stories about the homicide victims, the wounded and their families.”

“The pre-trial publicity was damning: the more a prospective juror had seen, the more likely she was to believe that Tsarnaev was guilty and deserved the death penalty,” Tsarnaev’s lawyers wrote in a 500-page brief.

We’re no lawyers ourselves, but the whole nation was exposed to “heart-wrenching stories” about the victims and their families for weeks; we’re not sure in what neutral venue they think they could have tried him — he kind of brought the international bad publicity upon himself by setting off the bombs among innocent men, women, and children.

For those who lost track, the Boston Marathon bombing happened back in 2013, and yes, Tsarnaev is still very much alive and in the court system appealing his death sentence.

Good point; maybe they should have moved his trial to Texas.