Earlier Monday, we did a post on hip-hop artist Talib Kweli Greene doubling down on his tweet about the Berlin Wall, which was built by Nazi Germany (in 1961) and torn down in 1991 (actually 1989 — it was kind of a big deal on the news).

But now he’s tripled-down: if you called him out on his factual errors, you’re a Nazi. Heck, we’re Nazis for writing this post.

Pay attention people. The Berlin Wall was torn down in 1991 and only an actual Nazi would believe otherwise.

His “facts” were taken out of context and you’re a liar if you doubt him.

Ah, he was being facetious. And you’re still all Nazis.

Why are YOU flying into a rage?

Honestly? We don’t think Greene is stupid. But lashing out and calling everyone else liars and Nazis isn’t smart. A smart person might crack a history book and educate himself.