As Twitchy has reported, the fairly consistently anti-Trump conservative magazine the Weekly Standard is shuttering. The reaction has been mixed: many conservatives thought the magazine got a little too cozy with the Left in distancing itself from Trump, while others considered it a value counterpoint to full-on Trumpism.

CNN’s Jake Tapper thought President Trump’s tweet on the magazine’s closure pretty cold:

If Tapper thought Trump was being heartless when Trump called the magazine “pathetic and dishonest,” wait until he gets a load of Sen. Rand Paul’s take:

Damn, Rand, tell us how you really feel.

Time to hear from the other side.

Besides being a little shocked by how blunt Paul was in his tweet, we’re also a little afraid that the divide over the Weekly Standard’s closing is just a small reminder of the split in the Republican party that really needs to be addressed before 2020. Will the #NeverTrump crowd vote for Trump or make like Max Boot and vote Democrat to “fix” the corruption of the Republican Party?