As if all of the think-pieces about “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as a date-rape anthem hadn’t ruined the holiday spirit, here’s a little gem that CBS News came across. According to a new survey, more than a quarter of people believe an updated Santa Claus should be female or at least gender neutral.

And the prize goes to Mr. Kringle for calling it.

According to the story, graphic design company GraphicSprings used Google surveys to collect responses from a whopping 400 people across the U.S. and U.K. on how they would “rebrand Santa with a more modern edge.”

Among the modern touches were tattoos (20 percent) and skinny jeans in place of the traditional red-and-white suit (18 percent).

So, put another way, almost 75 percent of people responding to an unscientific online survey conducted by a graphic design firm were against the idea of a gender-fluid Santa Claus.