As Twitchy reported earlier, a lot of journalists were reporting Wednesday that they’d received a sort of offer they couldn’t refuse (but did anyway).

Tablet Magazine recently had published a thoroughly researched exposé of the anti-Semitism present at the very origins of the Women’s March, and just about any reporter who even retweeted the link to the story received an email offering them a “fact-check” of Tablet’s reporting — on the condition that they deleted their tweets about the original piece.

Oh, and also that they promised to run anything they intended to publish by the PR outfit first to “secure their agreement.”

At least one journalist decided to go for it and see this “fact-check” for herself:

The New York Times’ Byron Tau also thought the heavy-handed email made the original piece worth another retweet:

Here’s the New York Times’ Nick Confessore:

As Twitchy reported earlier Wednesday, “the email appears to have been sent by Inarú Meléndez, communications coordinator for Megaphone Strategies, a self-described ‘not-for-profit social justice media strategy firm.’ Megaphone Strategies was also co-founded by … Van Jones.”

Bang-up job there, Megaphone. You did get Tablet to update its piece. Drum roll, please …

So now that the piece has been fact-checked and fixed, go read it (again):