We’ve heard quite a few times that “the future is female,” and it seems like soon-to-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting a head-start on the gender wars by questioning President Trump’s masculinity after her and Sen. Chuck Schumer’s open meeting Tuesday, which included talk about a government shutdown if the president doesn’t get funding for his border wall.

Pelosi already confused everyone after the meeting with her comments on skunk tinkle, but there’s no questioning her intention when she linked the border wall with Trump’s manhood.

Just asking … wall or not, does Pelosi consider border security a manhood thing too? Do male Border Patrol agents do what they do to compensate for other shortcomings? Because if the Democrats aren’t campaigning in 2020 on open borders, you could have fooled us. Maybe borders are just a man thing.

Yeah, it’s gonna be great.

But seriously … what is the Democrats’ official platform on border security?