Sorry if there’s a lot to “unpack” in this tweet (as the kids like to say), but there’s just such of conflict of interest we can’t comprehend what comes next.

As Twitchy reported earlier, the press is still under close watch by politicians, like Sen. Brian Schatz, who told NBC News it “seriously had to cut it out.” Cut what out? Reporting on President Trump’s tweets. Will Oliver Darcy, Brian Stelter, Jim Acosta, et al. come to the defense of NBC News as its credibility is attacked by a sitting senator?

Better yet, will the collective media come to the defense of the Washington Examiner and journalist Michael Moates after Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacked them on Twitter?

After all, Ocasio-Cortez seems to have really taken a liking to throwing around her new political power on Twitter, seeming to threaten Donald Trump Jr. with a congressional subpoena because he tweeted a meme about her.

So, will the media join together to stand up to her obvious attempts to intimidate the journalists who will be covering her in Congress?

Hey, we’ll have everyone know that “bitches” is perfectly acceptable language; Joy Behar apparently uses it to describe her “View” co-hosts without consequence.

The thing is, Donald Trump was Donald Trump well before he was elected president; the most remarkable thing is that he hasn’t tempered his Twitter tantrums at all. For Ocasio-Cortez, they seem to be a new thing she really enjoys.

Honestly, “bitches” was poor word choice here — but what does that have to do with the Washington Examiner in this case? Looks like she’s already compiling her enemies list in the press, and everyone at the Examiner just got put on it. But we’ve been assured the press is not the enemy.

Aren’t all the Capitol Hill correspondents going to sign a letter of solidarity or something?

Not for long … it really looks like Ocasio-Cortez will be the congressional equivalent of Trump on Twitter, and she doesn’t seem to know it.


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