This is one of those posts where the picture tells the story; in this case, it’s a video from the Guardian of French student protesters being rounded up by riot police. Sure, Paris is still on fire with riots, but students are also protesting overhauls to national entrance exams.

Even the New York Times took notice:

But the U.S. loves President Macron. President Obama thought he was the right man for the job …

Maybe the students deserved to be rounded up … but optics, you know?

The New York Times reports:

Some 150 students were collectively arrested Thursday after protests at two high schools in the area, according to police officials speaking to the French newspaper Le Monde.

Tensions had been brewing for days at Saint-Exupéry and Jean-Rostand high schools. On Tuesday, garbage cans were set on fire and rocks thrown at the police, according to Le Monde. The police responded with tear gas.

Tear gas? That’s a chemical weapon! This guy’s as bad as Trump! It seems we were misled: