Polls change all the time, obviously, but the names that always seem to sit atop the field of possible Democratic presidential candidates in 2020 are Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren usually hovering around third place (although her hometown paper is urging her not to run).

We’re not sure where Rep. Eric Swalwell sits, but we’re guessing it’s around 2 percent — and that’s not us dunking on Swalwell; there are a ton of 2020 hopefuls crowding the bottom rung (for example, celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti was polling around 1 percent).

But on Thursday, Swalwell told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he’d happily consider sharing the ticket with Joe Biden … and he’s “open to entertaining both variations,” meaning he can see himself at the top of a ticket with Biden. Swalwell/Biden? That’s not going to happen.

Interesting … you’d have the guy who practically begged you to buy a shotgun for self-defense, and the guy who reminded lawful gun owners that the government has nukes — and they’re legit — to put down any armed opposition to gun confiscation.