To get one thing out of the way up front about Miriam Jordan’s piece in the New York Times about two illegal immigrants who work at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.: “There is no evidence that Mr. Trump or Trump Organization executives knew of their immigration status.”

Which they wouldn’t know, because the two women featured used phony documents to get hired.

Never mind the New York Times paywall, because Jordan tweeted the crux of her feature:

So which disparaging comments of Trump’s hurt them? We’re not really told, but we’re to assume there are a bunch, “including equating Latin American immigrants with violent criminals.” What, like when he called MS-13 gang members animals? Anyway …

Hang on: the contributions immigrants make to the Trump business? Or the contributions illegal immigrants make to the Trump business?

Apparently, they knew the risks of coming forward through their lawyer, but at least one of the women profiled says she “has applied for protection under the asylum laws” and “is also exploring a lawsuit claiming workplace abuse and discrimination.”

Remember how much trouble Jimmy Fallon got into for “humanizing” Trump by messing up his hair on TV?

Yes, they did willingly approach the Times, and yes, they’re in trouble:

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Congress makes the laws; don’t blame ICE for enforcing the laws Congress passes.