Evolutionary psych professor Geoffrey Miller is calling it “disgraceful” that the American Association of University Professors has dumped evolutionary science in defining sex and gender, arguing that scientists have shown that those definitions have changed over time and the gender binary is being pushed by politicians and religious fundamentalists.

In a statement titled, “The Assault on Gender and Gender Studies,” the AAUP argues that “like attacks on climate science, the effort to establish a legal definition of gender as binary could lead to denying research funding to scholars and to impugning the value and validity of their scholarly work. Fixing the meaning of gender in this way may undermine the open-ended forms of inquiry that define research and teaching in a democracy.”

As Twitchy reported, the Trump administration has proposed rolling back Obama administration decisions to loosen the legal concept of gender in federal programs, including in education and health care, and that has the AAUP concerned that tying gender to the genitals one is born with could have an effect on the funding of gender studies departments.

“Politicians and religious fundamentalists are neither scientists nor scholars,” the statement reads. “Their motives are ideological. It is they who are offering ‘gender ideology’ by attempting to override the insights of serious scholars. By substituting their ideology for years of assiduous research, they impose their will in the name of a ‘science’ that is without factual support.”

So scientists and scholars believe there are how many genders? What’s the latest research conclude?

Like they said, “Biologists, anthropologists, historians, and psychologists have repeatedly shown that definitions of sex and sexuality have varied over time and across cultures and political regimes.” More study is required, so hand over that grant money.


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