Two things are now certain: Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti isn’t running for president on the Democratic ticket in 2020, and he just can’t stop himself from tweeting no matter how bad it makes him look. Basta!

As Twitchy reported, Avenatti already took on “proud resister” Ryan Knight, who had tweeted that Avenatti was only “out for himself — not our country.”

It looks like Avenatti couldn’t let Nate Silver’s analysis of his 2020 chances go by without comment either.

Sounds legit to us.

Sick burn.

But really, it seems like Avenatti’s been spending most of his day arguing that he certainly could defeat Trump in 2020, he just chooses not to. Which again is probably best, seeing as he’s already setting himself up as a gaffe machine. Dems want a fighter?

Hey, she hit him first, allegedly.

Oh, that … the “fine print” specifying that half of your donation to Beto O’Rourke through Avenatti’s link would go to … shhh … Avenatti’s PAC.

You’ve obviously never clicked on CNN by accident.