As Twitchy reported Thursday night, Mexico was struggling to try to provide shelter and sanitation for 6,000 members of the migrant caravan (that doesn’t exist and would never get here anyway) in a space built for maybe half that many.

Edgar Corzo, who heads Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission’s migrant rights division, called the situation “unmanageable” and added that they’d discovered four cases of chicken pox, while an aid group said it was “dealing with lice and nit infestations as well as many respiratory infections.”

That was Thursday; we’re now hearing that Mexican police moved most of the migrants about 15 miles away to a different camp, and what was the temporary shelter now looks like the National Mall after a climate change rally or even a sidewalk in Rep. Maxine Waters’ district.

You would think they’d be more grateful to their Mexican hosts, who offered Central American migrants asylum, shelter, medical attention, schooling, and jobs if they would agree to stay in the southern Mexico states of Chiapas or Oaxaca. They didn’t.

Sincere question: If this video were shown to California’s lawmakers, would they be less or more likely to throw open the border fence and let everyone rush through at will? Because their current policies would suggest they’re trying to get their districts to look more like an abandoned refugee camp.

Just for irony’s sake, here’s another look at the “beautiful” Occupy ICE encampment that protesters had set up in Portland this summer. Not much different, huh — do they want to abolish ICE so we can all live in trash heaps?

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Hey, just what we were talking about … nice timing.