Here’s some fun news about that imaginary “ghost caravan” of migrants that Republicans and Fox News made up to scare people into voting GOP during the midterms and would never get here anyway: 6,000 members of the migrant caravan are currently calling a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico their home, and conditions are unsanitary, to say the least:

But trying to push them back from rushing through the U.S. border fence is bad, OK?

ABC News reports:

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission also urged the government to act Thursday, noting that the sports complex was only planned to house 3,500 migrants and now had nearly twice that many.

“It’s unmanageable,” said Edgar Corzo, who heads the commission’s migrant rights division. The overcrowding “can produce all kinds of infections, all kinds of things can spread and we have four cases of chicken pox. They are contained but it’s a risk.”

Miguel Angel Luna Biffano, a health volunteer with the Nazarene Church Compassion Ministries, which has been accompanying the caravan since the migrants crossed into southern Mexico, said his aid group was dealing with lice and nit infestations as well as many respiratory infections. In the tropical south they had mostly treated dehydration and feet damaged and blistered from walking hundreds of miles.

Huh … the head of Mexico’s migrant rights division is calling the situation unmanageable — and more migrants are arriving daily. And yet Democrats seem to think the U.S. will have no problem rubber-stamping asylum claims for a line of at least 6,000 people … who can’t be held in anything remotely resembling a cage, no matter how sanitary.

Hey, we know he works for CNN and not ABC News, but we just can’t resist this flashback from Brian Stelter from earlier this week:

Nobody’s being overwhelmed.