With every new news video and/or Democrat campaign commercial NowThis News puts out, the more we begin to suspect the outlet has a distinct liberal bias.

Like we say, normally in its videos, NowThis just hits record and lets whatever leftist is posed in front of a white backdrop say whatever they want without challenge, but on Thursday, NowThis decided to hand the reins over to Friend Dog Studios to let them explain what Jesus Christ would sound like were he a modern day Republican.

Nice touch going all out on the costumes and hair, by the way.

Sure, many will find this offensive, but we’d wager liberals really, really overestimate the number of Republicans who consider themselves evangelical or even fundamentalist Christians, so if this was supposed to be some wake-up call for Christian conservatives, sorry, we’re hitting the snooze button.

The Democrats who booed when the DNC tried to add God and Jerusalem back into the party platform in 2012? Those Democrats? Yeah, we’ll take our religious cues from people who think “The Handmaid’s Tale” is the one true goal of Vice President Mike Pence.

Pamela Gellar hosted a “Draw Muhammed” art contest and had some nut show up with a gun and start shooting; we doubt NowThis has the stones to face that kind of backlash.

Oh, Jesus would be holding the door, for sure.

How about doing Marc Lamont Hill next? What would a CNN commentator say about Israel?

No, but seriously … do Muhammed next. And abortion. Have Democrat Jesus explain when life begins.