In the immediate aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s election loss in 2016, we saw women sobbing at the Javits Center and heard others tell of how they vomited when they realized Donald Trump had prevailed.

In the following weeks, we saw even more hot takes: articles about women who couldn’t stop crying, women who had given up dating, women who had cut off their hair or dyed it black to do … something … to address their pain.

We’re now two years in, and New York Magazine’s Intelligencer is tackling the problem of Trump’s presidency ruining marriages.


Molly Langmuir writes about John, 50, and his wife, Samantha, also 50:

Pre-Trump, we got into it now and then, probably on something about women’s reproductive rights. But it was a fraction of what’s happened since. Back then, Samantha was also much, much, much less engaged in political and civic life. She’s gone from zero to 60. And while I think I hate Trump as much as she does, Samantha is much angrier and almost more obsessed with it. The flip side is it’s also given her a new community and some new projects that have been meaningful to her.

It’s friendly differences; other than that, it’s also deadly serious. When I talk about things like Brett Kavanaugh, for example, I have a far less innately insane — well, not insane — passionately hostile reaction to him than she does. I knew she was foaming at the mouth about him even before Dr. Ford came forward.

So, they both hate Trump, but she’s much angrier and more obsessed. The problem is he doesn’t hate Trump enough.

Remember how actress Amber Tamblyn was considering giving up her unborn daughter to a Canadian or Swede so that she would escape Trump’s America? They’re not doing well.