Feminist author Jessica Valenti was pretty impressed with a piece in Glamour about a woman who has sworn off cooking for men now that her divorce has come through.

Lyz Lenz writes:

It’s hard for me to understand when cooking became more repression than liberation, more act of obligation than act of creation. But I knew it then. This thing that had sustained me now felt like a prison. And whose fault was it? It certainly wasn’t all my husband’s. After all, hadn’t I wanted to cook? Hadn’t I enjoyed it? Hadn’t I found purpose in the texture of the cinnamon rolls, the ache of my arm as I whisked a French silk pie over a double boiler? But who had that ever been for? I couldn’t remember.

Actually, her husband comes across as a selfish jerk in the piece, so we’re guessing it was his fault. But there’s no chance Glamour’s readers will see him as a stand-in for all clueless men when it comes to their wives’ feelings, right?

Wow, men just suck, don’t they?

Organized conservative trolls — who do the cooking for their wives and stress the importance of verbal communication. How dare they.

* * *

Update: Men stupid, miss point. Big dumb men think smart, but dumb. No cook for wives.

It wasn’t even about cooking, to be honest.