We’re sorry we missed this last week because we really could have used a “What’s wrong with straight men?” post to balance out all of the “What’s wrong with white women?” posts.

So what is wrong with straight men now? It turns out they hate astrology — a lot.

All right, we have to know: why do straight men hate astrology so much? Because it’s been so gendered, that’s why:

Sam [Hill] feels similarly that astrology has always been gendered, and that the male response to that – to ignore it – makes sense. “It’s hard to indicate what I mean, but, for example, if a girl in school likes a certain book, the boys can’t like it for fear of being called gay or whatever, so that book becomes a girl’s book,” he said. “The same can be said of horoscopes. I think women are drawn to them out of a sense of curiosity and spirituality that is drummed out of boys at a young age.”

So, it’s a chick thing, and that’s why straight men dismiss it but gays are cool with it.