You probably know Parkland mass shooting survivor Ryan Deitsch — he’s the red-headed Parkland student who’s always pictured on those magazine covers with David Hogg and Emma Gonzalaz, and he was also the content creator for the March for Our Lives.

On Saturday, Deitsch passed along a Newsweek article to Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, and Marco Rubio (to whom the students showed zero respect during CNN’s hasty “town hall”).

So what’s the idea? Newsweek reports that a proposed bill in New York State would make it so that “anyone wanting to buy a pistol or renew their permit will be subject to a review of their internet history and social media accounts going back up to three years.”

OK, so the people who are actually paid to monitor Twitter can’t even figure out whom to ban and for what reason other than “hateful language” — so we don’t put much faith in New York’s government to do any better rummaging through three years of tweets and Facebook posts.

Newsweek reports:

If the bill passes, investigators would be able to look for posts or searches that contain threats to the health or safety of others; intentions to carry out an act of terrorism; or commonly known profane slurs or biased language describing the race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation of a person.

In order for investigators to access personal accounts, applicants would have to give over their login details to social media platforms such as Facebook Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

Did you catch that? Profane slurs describing the sexual orientation of a person? So if Twitter will ban you for calling Chelsea Manning “Bradley” because it’s hateful, what standard will New York State follow?