You know the Women’s March has become toxic when not even Alyssa Milano will associate with the group until it rids its leadership team of those who are buddy-buddy with notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

In fact, pressure has become so great on the group that its founder, Teresa Shook, has called on co-chairs Bob Bland, Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, and Carmen Perez to step down over “racist, hateful beliefs,” although Sarsour did offer a personal “sorry you misunderstood us” non-apology.

Now the Women’s March has found a defender in writer Daniel Sieradski, who argues in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s Jewish news that anyone who wants to rail against someone who’s anti-Semitic should be angry with President Trump, not the Women’s March:

Not three weeks after the worst massacre of Jews by a white supremacist in American history, Jewish liberals and conservatives alike have found a target for their wrath, and it’s none other than Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour.

Here’s why I’m fuming:

Any day now the president of the United States can sign an executive order, as he has threatened to do, that will strip citizenship from those who were born in America to parents that were here illegally. Forgive me if I take this personally, as the son of a septuagenarian mother who was born to two Holocaust survivors who sneaked into the country by overstaying their tourist visas.

While this possibility simmers in the background, undocumented and documented immigrants are being rounded up, thrown in cages, having their kids taken from them and sent halfway across the country, and are then deported without their children. These kids, who when they are are lucky enough to be reunited with their parents, suffer from severe emotional and psychological trauma from which they may never recover.

In light of this and the administration’s attacks on the rights of transgender men and women, women’s right to choose, the rights of workers to organize in their workplaces and the right of black people to vote, it becomes clear that everything this administration stands for will result in the destruction of all that we as Jewish people of conscience purport to care about.

What about the Women’s March’s leadership’s embrace of Louis Farrakhan? Sieradski calls Farrakhan “a virtual nobody with virtually no power in the broader American context.”

It’s a lousy argument, but it did catch the eye of the Jerusalem Post’s Lahav Harkov, who remembers Sieradski as the guy who once tweeted his wish that the Post would burn down and all its employees contract cancer.

“If your newspaper burned down & you all got cancer it would be too good for you.” Yep, this dude has some strong opinions — and they suck.

Hey, if he was good enough for the New York Times:

So woke: