We disagree with Alyssa Milano on everything, but we’re going to tread carefully here because kids are generally off-limits. But in replying to another actress who took a shot at the limited number of Milano’s acting projects, she countered that she’s also been busy raising her two children, who are now 7 and 4. God bless her.

She also mentioned that both children are pro-choice, anti-NRA, progressive feminists, and that’s where our minds short-circuited.

Look, how one raises one’s children is their business — but we’re trying to figure out how you explain abortion rights to a 4-year-old. Now that we think of it, we could probably go to Barnes & Noble and find a whole shelf full of kids’ books on abortion.

OK, it doesn’t sound like Milano has gone into any great detail about how babies are made and how they’re aborted — just that one’s body is one’s own. We sort of get it now.

In a roundabout way, yes.

That was our thought.

Then they’ll have to consult the New York Times’ “Angry Uncle Bot” disagreement simulator before Thanksgiving gatherings, we guess.

We’d take ’em to the range.

Please don’t.

But seriously, our congratulations and best wishes for the kids.