Again, we usually steer away from random people on Twitter and focus on those exalted blue checks, but every once in a while, a tweet goes viral and you can’t help but cover it.

Remember earlier this week when rocker Billy Idol became a U.S. citizen? That was pretty cool, but Barbara here, who calls herself born and raised Mexican in her Twitter bio, made sure to let social media know that she became a U.S. citizen to own the cons — especially President Trump.

Becoming a U.S. citizen by following the legal process is supposed to make Trump supporters mad?

Welcome to America!

Maybe we’ll go back and read the Billy Idol post again — it’s really cool to have him as a U.S. citizen. But Barbara?

“You’re the Uncle Tom of our people” … yeah, she’ll fit right in with the Democrats.

Guess she didn’t like all of the welcomes and congratulations from Trump supporters.