As Twitchy reported earlier, Politico’s Florida bureau chief Matt Dixon was providing some updates from the recount in Palm Beach County, Fla., which as you know had to be restarted after the ballot counting machines reportedly broke down Tuesday.

We weren’t sure Wednesday morning if Dixon’s reporting rated a siren or not, but an update he posted Wednesday afternoon certainly caught our attention.

So let’s get this clear: a volunteer from the Florida Democratic Party called a voter whose mail-in ballot had to be “fixed” — after the recount had already started? We’re assuming such a ballot wouldn’t be counted … so what is the volunteer talking about?

Agreed. Why is counting ballots such a problem in Palm Beach and Broward counties?

As so many have observed, the national media have been pretty useless during the Florida and Georgia recounts; we’re counting on local media and people like Dixon on the ground in Florida to get the scoop — and who knows what else is going on down there?

Let’s not hear anything again about how the 2016 election was rigged until this mess is cleaned up and people are held accountable.