We’re sure you all remember what happened when conservatives who just couldn’t abide Donald Trump put up an independent challenger who would represent true conservatism — and instead we got Evan McMullin, who’s about as conservative as Max Boot or Jennifer Rubin.

Speaking of Rubin, the Washington Post’s conservative columnist, it looks like she’s engaging in the same fantasy that Bill Kristol did in 2016 — she’s putting up realistic options to voting for Trump in 2020, and we’ll just say we weren’t shocked by the names she floated Monday.

In truth, she offered up three options:

Hey, we’re loving Lindsey Graham 2.0, but there’s no way he runs against Trump.

And here’s what we knew was coming …

Instead of Evan McMullin, you could throw away your vote on … John Kasich or Jeff Flake. Are they still Republicans even, or did they officially change parties?

You know, we don’t even care what the third option is. Just know that one of the Washington Post’s conservative voices just voted a straight Democrat ticket on Election Day, and the other one is looking forward to Kasich or Flake running as an independent, essentially ensuring Trump’s reelection.

Go ahead and run Evan McMullin again. America just wasn’t ready for him in 2016.