Twitchy has already covered both of these senators today: Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is wondering what’s taking Broward County so long to count ballots after the polls have closed, and Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut is rallying the troops of the Resistance to “adjust your schedules because we may all have to get down to Florida” to ensure every ballot is counted — even the ones currently being printed and discovered in car trunks.

If “Ghostbusters” taught us anything, it’s to never cross the streams, but Murphy decided to pick up on Rubio’s thread and wonder just what he’s suggesting with posts like this one:

What are trying to say, senator?

The point is the votes should have been counted and reported by now. By law. That’s the point.

Chris Murphy’s gonna go to Florida! And then he’s gonna go to Texas and find votes for Beto! YEEEAARRGH!!