The midterms are turning out to be as big an event as the presidential election in 2016, and film directors are cranking out the PSAs to make sure (Democrat) women get out and vote this Tuesday.

As Twitchy reported, Michael Bloomberg’s PAC already funded a video directed by Jodi Foster and featuring all female celebrities preaching liberal causes. And now, coming to a film festival near you is an 18-minute documentary-style PSA called, “I Am Christine Blasey Ford.”

The PSA is the brainchild of casting director Skyler Barrett, who says that she “hopes to start a conversation to show just how pervasive “rape culture” is.” The video was produced by Sarah Ann Masse. ABC News reports:

With the midterms elections less than a week away, Masse hopes the film reminds people, especially women, to vote.

“For some reason the issue of respecting women and believing survivors became a political issue and it shouldn’t be,” Barrett said.

At the end of the 18-minute video each participant holds up a piece of paper that reads #BelieveSurvivors, while reciting “I am Christine Blasey Ford.”

OK, so believing survivors shouldn’t be a political issue, and yet the film consists of women reading Ford’s opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee and ends with a 13-year-old girl, three alleged Harvey Weinstein victims, and a gay man all holding up #BelieveSurvivors signs and declaring, “I am Christine Blasey Ford.” Sounds kind of political to us.

There’s no word of Ford’s cooperation with the effort whatsoever; like, say, donating some of that $800,000+ in GoFundMe money raised for her security detail.

Here you go; don’t say we never gave you anything:


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