On Friday, a 40-year-old man shot and killed two people and wounded five others at a Tallahassee yoga studio before turning his handgun on himself.

Scott Paul Beierle was a self-described misogynist and obviously a horrible person. But was he “right-wing”? The Tallahassee Democrat made no mention of it, but Buzzfeed News says he was.

But if you Google the shooting and “far-right,” all you find is Buzzfeed’s story and people reposting Buzzfeed’s story. No one else seems to know what the guy’s political affiliation was — not even Buzzfeed:

Usually, all of the major news outlets scour the shooter’s social media accounts to ensure he’s right-wing, meaning they can widely report the story. It’s funny that more haven’t.

But that’s the narrative right now; obviously, the shooter was “far right,” just like the synagogue shooter.

Maybe the facts will catch up with Buzzfeed’s headline, but we’ll wait and see.