Remember that video Twitchy posted Thursday showing a Florida State University student melting down and throwing her beverage on college Republicans who were campaigning for Rick Scott and Rick DeSantis?

Turns out she was arrested and spent the night in jail. Oh yeah, another juicy detail: her LinkedIn page lists her as an intern for Andrew Gillum for Florida Governor.

WXTL reports:

A Florida State University student is being charged with battery after pouring chocolate milk on a volunteer at a Republican party table on FSU’s campus.

A warrant was issued for Shelby Shoup, 19, by the Florida State University Police Department on Thursday, November 1. At approximately 4:20 p.m., on the first, Shoup turned herself in and was placed into handcuffs and taken to the Leon County Jail.

Florida State also issued a statement on the incident:

FSU is a diverse community that values and respects each person. FSU expects each member of the community to embrace the values of civility and ethical conduct and obey the law. Regarding Tuesday’s incident, the individual was identified, arrested and charged with battery.


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