The angry leftist melting down here said she didn’t mind being recorded, so we think that’s really a message telling us to do our part in spreading this video far and wide. As someone said in the comments below the video: what is it with liberal and impulse control?

Is the gunning down of 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh abhorrent and a terrible tragedy? Yes, of course it is. But if campaign signs for Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis can trigger you to throw your beverage on someone for “normalizing and enabling Nazis,” we’ll take civility, thanks.

Note: language warning, big time.

To her credit, she does give that DeSantis sign a mighty kick … she caught some serious air there. But it wasn’t an act of anger; it just because she cares so damn much about her fellow citizens.

Thanks for the reminder that this really is the Jobs vs. Mobs election coming up.

It looks like we have Aaron Grubbs (a @TwitchyTeam follower!) to thank for the video … everyone thank Aaron with a follow.



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