You probably don’t remember this story because it dates all the way back to January, but that’s when a small group of young Vanity Fair staffers made a lighthearted video of “6 New Year’s Resolutions for Hillary Clinton,” one of which was “take up knitting,” or any other hobby (besides running for president).

And how the fire and brimstone came down from the Left: how dare anyone tell the woman who won the popular vote to take up knitting? No one told Mitt Romney to take up knitting when he lost in 2012. This was sexism at its core. Vanity Fair apologized and pulled the video.

Flash forward to this week, and The Root — certainly not a pro-Trump, pro-GOP site — is turning heads with its formal request for Hillary Clinton to sit her a** down.

“We are asking for one of our Caucasian allies to please come get your girl.” That’s gold.

The piece, written by Stephen A. Crockett Jr., pulls no punches when calling out “two-time loser” Clinton:

Hillary needs to stop.

Then stop some more.

Turn around, stop. And then stop.

Hillary Clinton needs to play musical chairs by herself and when the music stops, she can have her choice of seats. Hillary Clinton needs to look in the mirror and tell Hillary Clinton to stand down. If Hillary Clinton is on the Democratic ticket come 2020 there should a mandatory option that allows voters to choose a box that reads “not Hillary Clinton” which allows for a mystery candidate to take the nomination should they win. At this point, if Hillary Clinton is running against a push mower, I’m ready to start campaigning for the push mower because one of these candidates will at the very least keep your grass cut.


Don’t worry Democrats … we’re certain you’re going to have plenty of choices when the Democrat primary rolls around.