If you saw our earlier thread on CNN and its reaction to the GOP’s “racist ad” about an illegal immigrant who killed two police officers and laughed about it in court, then you know that the network has just completely given up on presenting the news objectively; check out the chyron:

As Twitchy also reported, CNN’s Jim Acosta shared some generally congenial interactions he had with Trump supporters who attended his campaign rally in Florida Wednesday night, but he wasn’t impressed with Trump’s speech, which he panned in a mini-review on Twitter.

Again, this is CNN’s White House correspondent — the “unbiased” conduit between Sarah Sanders and CNN’s viewership. Guess he thought this was a fact-check:

Maybe it’s just us, but if you scroll through the thousands of replies to Acosta’s tweet, it’s plain as day how one reporter can take something as positive as what Trump said, reframe it, and use it to sow outrage and division to a crowd starving for it. Divisive rhetoric? Do you watch your own network?

And for the thousandth time, Trump had said again and again that it’s fake news that’s the enemy of the people — you know, like when reporters twist his words.

Exactly. And yet, we’re supposedly all Americans on the same team! Whatever you say, Jim.

We report, you decide? No, wait, that’s another network’s tagline. CNN’s is “Facts First,” right?