Seven Days, “Vermont’s Independent Voice,” reports that “a diverse group of 10 Vermont women gathered over the weekend to create an edgy get-out-the-vote campaign urging participation in the upcoming election.”

It’s called #GrabThemByTheBallot, it’s real, and it’s … spectacular?

Seven Days reports:

Unhappy with the direction of the country, the women of varied shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds bared it all for an intimate, empowering photo session in Burlington, said organizer Dawn Robertson.

“How can we inspire women to vote after the Kavanaugh confirmation, the #MeToo movement and Trump?” said Robertson, a Harvard Law-educated attorney who writes about sexuality and relationships. “It’s a culmination of all those factors.”

OK, but did they ever think of a way to inspire women to vote, or did they just decide to do a nude photo shoot instead?



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