As we’ve said earlier today, we’re not fans of executive orders in general, and we’re not sure at all about an executive order that would end birthright citizenship, something President Trump told “Axios on HBO” he was looking into in an exclusive interview — we’d need a lot more information than what Axios has shared so far.

Actress Mindy Kaling of “The Office” has asked a question that has a lot of her followers sharing her concern:

Again, we’d like to know a lot more about what Trump is proposing, but we’re 100 percent sure Kaling would remain a U.S. citizen.

Believe us, we read through a lot of responses to Kaling’s tweet, and we haven’t seen this much confusion since the rumors that Mitt Romney was going to ban tamponshair weaves and the McDonald’s Dollar Menu if elected.

The president really needs to get out in front of this.


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