Not surprisingly, President Trump brought up the handful of bomb threats against Democrats that occurred Wednesday as he rallied for Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin Wednesday night. He also called for civility … and went so far as to say that even the media should contribute to a national “civil tone.”

How dare he.

Nope, reporters never take sides … isn’t that right, Chris Cillizza?

CNN sure seems upset that Trump didn’t accept any personal responsibility for the national political environment. Then again, they really didn’t have much to say about the riots that took place outside of Trump campaign stops in places like Albuquerque and San Jose either. Yeah, everything was great until the election.

You know where we look for civility? At night on CNN, when they bring on a panel of 15 progressives and one conservative who’s actually a progressive and everyone yells at each other. It’s all we have left, now that they kicked Kathy Griffin off their New Year’s Eve spectacular.

CNN wasn’t done scolding the president yet, though; check this out:

Not a bad point: