It was pretty obvious that leftists were getting really upset about the “Jobs vs. Mobs” narrative that was forming around the midterm elections. What, just because they’d recorded themselves harassing GOP senators at restaurants and cornering them in elevators to scream at them, people thought they were an angry mob?

We don’t know much about the bombs that were reported on Wednesday other than whoever sent them is evil and needs to be stopped.

But Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas seemed happy to have the chance to turn the tables and blame right-wingers for being the true “fountain of terrorism”:

Yes, the NRA.

First of all, “strutting around with assault rifles” (presumably taking your AR-15 to the range) is not terrorism. And second, we think Moulitsas missed some news coverage between Timothy McVeigh in 1995 and the Proud Boys in 2018.

Yeah, that was our first thought too.

Hey, if Moulitsas gets to cherry-pick, then it might be all right for conservatives to do the same. Or we could just condemn all of it.

Moulitsas has already made his stance crystal clear.