Not surprisingly, Amnesty International (“fighting the bad guys since 1961”) strongly disagreed with President Trump Monday when he called the massive migrant caravan headed toward the U.S. border a national emergency. The group struggled a bit with its spelling, but it made its message clear: these are people with human rights.

You know who else are people and have human rights? American citizens. And what assurance can Amnesty International give that none of these 7,000+ migrants poses a security threat?

Also, catch the disclaimer that “many” are fleeing violence in their home country. How many? CNN’s Bill Weir is embedded with the caravan and seems to think they’re all coming to the United States to get jobs as lettuce pickers, maids, and day laborers.

It’s the same reason Canada is setting up intake camps on its border for migrants fleeing the United States; Canada isn’t supposed to grant them asylum as they’re supposed to apply for asylum in the U.S. But if they cross illegally into Canada on purpose, then Canada’s stuck with them.

It sounds like they don’t even plan to knock first. But maybe Amnesty International knows something we don’t.