One thing the media will never understand about President Donald Trump is his sense of humor. To them, he’s a monster, and any joke he makes at anyone’s expense is bullying. But the thing is, he can be a very funny guy.

Trump was clearly enjoying himself in front of the huge crowd in Texas Monday night, and even suggested that he might nominate Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court:

Who’d like to see Hillary Clinton undergo the Brett Kavanaugh treatment, huh? Let’s look into her husband’s past, her high school yearbook, her mishandling of classified material, her tens of thousands of deleted emails detailing wedding plans and yoga workouts …

Funny how no one in the media has thought to contact Hillary’s IT guy who not only pled the Fifth but just stopped showing up even when he was subpoenaed by Congress. You’d think he’d have some stories to tell …

Oh, and just so you don’t miss it, the obligatory “angry mob” chanting “CNN sucks!”


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