It’s the question everyone’s always asking: why don’t celebrities talk more about politics? Actually, up until a couple of weeks ago, the real question being asked was, “Why is Taylor Swift the only celebrity who hasn’t spoken out about her politics? Why doesn’t she publicly #Resist?

Fortunately, Reuters stepped in Wednesday to fill that huge gap in our lives where celebrities’ opinions about politics should be. Bonus humor points for tweeting this out from the “Reuters Top News” account.

We know, right? It’s like, when do you ever get to see a celebrity talk politics on, say, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” or “The View” or “Ellen”?

Our other favorite thing about this video isn’t just that they’re all either supporting Democrats (Taylor Swift breaks her silence at last!) or just flaming liberals all the way around. Sure, actor Bradley Whitford wants to motivate young people to get out and vote; he also wants to give Robert Mueller a sponge bath so he’s good and refreshed for his investigation.

And they failed to mention Alyssa Milano’s #NoRA campaign against gun rights, but we didn’t need Reuters to tell us that.

Anyway, there you have it: celebrities speaking out before the midterms.

Yeah, we were as surprised as anyone not to see Nick Searcy or James Woods or Dean Cain or Patricia Heaton or Kristy Swanson or Janine Turner in there.

That’s what Elle seems to think with its celebrity click-bait-and-switch.