We write about Teen Vogue way more than we ever suspected we would, because who knew the magazine was so persistent on pushing far-left propaganda, like explaining how the Black Panthers were known for serving free breakfasts, how abortion can be funny, and everything you need to know about Karl Marx.

Now, Teen Vogue is following up its piece on everything you need to know about Karl Marx with a piece on everything you need to know about capitalism. Here’s a hint:

Not surprisingly, the piece quotes Marx heavily:

To conservatives’ dismay, the modern idea of socialism, which has roots in Greek philosopher Plato but emerged as a popular political idea in the early 19th century among German radicals like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, has become increasingly popular among young people in the past several years, following Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders’s underdog run for president and the authoritarian creep of the ultra-capitalist, anti-socialist Trump regime.

A reminder to the readers of Teen Vogue: Socialist Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, and Clinton lost to “ultra-capitalist” Donald Trump.

* * *