Well, the national mood is right … or at least it was. Back when Parkland survivor and anti-NRA activist David Hogg was still enjoying his 15 minutes, he used to insist, “The young people will win.”

The usual suspects in the media wrote all about it, putting the (anti-NRA) Parkland kids on their magazine covers and suggesting that a pro-gun control movement fronted by high school kids was a strategy that couldn’t lose.

We all know the midterms are right around the corner and Democrats are desperate for young people to turn out to vote, and Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii posted the perfect “Dad tweet” Tuesday to pander to that demographic.

Well, it’s good of Schatz, 45, to admit he’s doing a terrible job. But let’s look beyond the midterms and see just who the Democratic Party has lined up for 2020.

There’s Bernie Sanders, 77:

Joe Biden, 75:

And Elizabeth Warren, 69:

So Democrats are too old and are doing a terrible job and need to be replaced with younger models ASAP.

Yeah, get out of there and make room for a young woman of color already.