We wouldn’t have noticed New York Magazine writer Jonathan’s Chait first tweet if he hadn’t tweeted again how right-wing twitter was passing it around today with news of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. In any case, his first tweet didn’t age well:

Julie Swetnick — you mean the client of celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti who claimed that Brett Kavanaugh never sexually assaulted her but she did see him standing near a punch bowl at a party, perhaps drugging it so he and his friends could gang-rape girls? That Julie Swetnick? If anything, she made the other allegations seem less credible.

Just for laughs, here’s a bit of the original piece:

After the first sexual-assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford shocked Republicans, they woozily considered their options and appeared to begin edging away from their all-but-assured next Supreme Court justice. The second set of allegations, by Deborah Ramirez, paradoxically had the opposite effect. Seizing upon soft spots in her account, conservatives decided she was part of a vast smear campaign, and reacted so angrily against her accusations that they seemed to discount unrelated charges they had not doubted before.

The third set of allegations, by Julie Swetnick, seem much more likely to shock them back to their previous position. Swetnick charges that Kavanaugh, along with his ubiquitous wingman Mark Judge, systematically got girls drunk at a beach weekend and at least witnessed, and more likely participated in, a group rape.

But Chait has updated his piece now that conservatives are retweeting it:

So what he’s saying is Kavanaugh rallied and became “every conservative”; that is, a stand-in for every conservative who feels unfairly maligned by smug progressive elites.

We really think Chait is on to something here if you just change the words “unfairly maligned” to “falsely accused.”


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