Remember just a few weeks ago when Democrats were accusing President Trump of treason for questioning the integrity of the intelligence community and casting aspersions on its leadership?

Funny, then, that Democrats are now out in force ripping apart the FBI for doing an incomplete investigation into sexual assault charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Of course, for cover, they’re blaming the White House for tying the FBI’s hands … probably.

We’re old enough to remember the Senate Judiciary Democrats during Kavanaugh’s testimony calling for an FBI investigation that would only last a week and would be limited in scope … at least that’s what Sen. Jeff Flake said he was agreeing to when he caved.

Rep. Adam Schiff is among those Democrats now accusing the FBI rank and file of doing shoddy work:

Um, again, wasn’t that “artificial deadline” exactly the one Democrats were asking for and agreed to? Maybe Schiff should have a word with his colleague Rep. Maxine Waters, who was perfectly fine with a one-week FBI investigation:

“Go do your thing,” she said, and that’s what they did. And now the Democrats are crying about it.

Byron York called it last week: