We all know that Sen. Susan Collins is a possible swing vote when it comes to the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and the University of Southern Maine was busted for offering a tuition-free credit to students willing to ride a bus to Washington, D.C. and protest.

The Maine Republican Party wrote on its Facebook page:

RED ALERT: The University of Maine uses your tax dollars, offers college credit to protest Sen. Collins in Washington D.C.

In an email from a University of Southern Maine Community Outreach Coordinator, U Maine students are told that they can earn a free credit if they hop on a free bus ride down to Washington D.C. to protest Senator Collins.

The event page goes so far as to ask if STUDENTS are okay with being ARRESTED. That will look good on a job application when they graduate…

In case you were wondering, students who want to support Senator Collins are not welcome, as one individual who asked found out.

The university has since pulled the course, called — get this — “Engaged Citizenship.” An email sent around read:

Students can earn 1 credit FREE for enrolling in this Pop-Up course on “Engaged Citizenship.” The requirements of the pop-up include: busing overnight to Washington D.C. to join activists, political action groups and social justice organizations to meet with Sen. Collins.

Rally up around the FBI investigation of the Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh.

There was also a checklist including items such as, “I am a survivor and willing to share my story to Sen. Collins’ office” and “I am interested in civil disobedience/willing to get arrested.”